Embed gallery from Nextcloud into website


is there a way to take a gallery hosted on my nextcloud server and embed it on my website? Maybe through an API? I want to avoid having to upload all the pictures to the server of the website as well.


I think there is no good solution. But perhaps you can use on your website iframe and include there a public link to a photo folder. Read for using iframe this.

This topic also drives me bonkers.
In my case I am running Nextcloud and Wordpres on the same server. But I guess it would have to be a Wordpress plugin that would include the nextcloud pictures folder into the media library…

I do not use Wordpress. But all files from Nextcloud are in directorys e.g.

If you use a software like Wordpress you can access this directory. Please use them read-only. Perhaps Wordpress then generates in other paths outside Nextcloud and in the Wordpress database structures the gallery independent from Nextcloud.

Years ago i used MinigalNano. I think that could work because you can configure source directory of pictures and the thumbnail folder. A database is not needed.

Maybe this helps?

Yes with SharingPath you can use files in nextcloud like CDN. But it is not useful for hundreds of files.