Email troubleshooting with Nextcloud AIO

Iā€™m having issues sending emails from Nextcloud AIO. I have set up a Debian server with AIO running in Docker there, and on the host I have configured a Postfix server for mail delivery with SASL for relay authentication via submission with TLS.

I have verified that this configuration is correct by connecting to the mail server with openssl s_client and manually sending an email using PLAIN authentication (also successfully tested LOGIN) and the email successfully went through.

When configuring Nextcloud to use this server for email and sending a test email, I get the following error:

A problem occurred while sending the email. Please revise your settings. (Error: Email could not be sent. Check your mail server log)

I have enabled mail_smtpdebug = 1 in the nextcloud configuration, but nothing appears in the logs. I have also spun up a shell inside of the nextcloud container and run the same openssl s_client manual mail testing routine, and I was able to successfully send an email manually.


Eventually found the nextcloud logs by digging in the docker image and got the information I needed. SSL certificate issue. Problem solved!

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Hello, I have the same problem, could you please explain where and how you found those logs?


The nextcloud.log file is located in your volume or in the container:


or go in through the nextcloud_aio_nextcloud container:

docker exec -it nextcloud-aio-nextcloud /bin/bash

cd to /var/www/html/data/

cat nextcloud.log file