Email Server doesn't work

I have configured email for notifications but it is doesn’t work. I can’t enable email verification. I have postfix working

This is my configuration. When I try to send a email, this never arrive

Wouldn’t it be good to know in which error you’re running IN DETAIL, what the Nextcloud log files contains related to the problem, etc., etc.?

Which files? Sorry I am new with nextcloud

Didbyou check your spam folder? gmail for example puts my servers mails in spam, while gmx blocks them completely

yes my spam folder is empty

Tried the other mode? I think php mode should work.
Smtp usually require more settings; server/port, name/pw.

i guess you should use SMTP rather than sendmail at first checkbox.

Try sending to a gmail adress for testing, still it will most likely land in spam folder. Problwm is that nowadays it is quote hard to establish an email server that is not running into spam folders, afaik most spamfilter need some kind of whitelisting

@JimmyKater this would require him to use a seperate mailserver. However, then he wpuld need to use a ender mailadress that is known to that server, because most servers do not relay

Ah, @AlbertoCaneteDj you did set up your mailadress correctly in the personal settings?
Ah, and the sender adress in your screenshot should be something like admin@yourclouddomain.tld probably protonmail doesnt accept that adress as a sender if it is the recipiant

Thanks a lot!! That’s it. Now working correctly

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