Email reminder alert for Calendar?

I’d really like to see the calendar app offer as an alert option the ability to send an email as a reminder instead of an audio alert.



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I know that @tcit is working on that :slight_smile:

Maybe he can provide more information on the current state.

Just found my work again, rebased and pushed it. Will work on it, maybe at the end of the week (busy moving out).

Sorry, maybe it was already there and I just didn’t look hard enough. But anyway, it is there now and it’s working. So thanks!!!

sorry, don’t understand that. how is it working with your nextcloud? i enabled mail for nextcloud successfully, but when i want to set an email reminder in nextcloud, i can put in the time but belw there is the notification Email reminders have not been implemented in the CalDAV server yet, so none will be sent. - and indeed there will be no email sent at the set time. how it comes? are you still developing it? when it’ll work? or did forget another setting? i really do need that feature.

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You can give me to ducement to configure nextcloud email reminder alert to calendar