Email notifications for when due date approaching (either in tasks or deck)

Hello. I want a shared task system in nextcloud that supports due dates and reminders. Users should be nudged via email when a task is not complete and is nearing its due date, and when the due date is reached.

Is this a bug or a feature that has not been implimented? Is there a setting switch I need to flip? I get email notifications when somone comments on a task, but not when a due date is approaching?

Hard to do task managment without some sort of notifications being sent out.


I have the same issue. Email notification not work.

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If this was sorted then we could probably transition away from ActiveCollab to Nextcloud’s Tasks/Deck.

Nothing is changed. Email notification not work. NC21

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There is an issue for it: No email notifications when card due date is reached · Issue #2223 · nextcloud/deck · GitHub

You can subscribe there or watch the changelog to get notified when this has been implemented. You can also use GitHub reactions :+1: to show that you are affected by the same issue.
Since the maintainer already commited that the idea is a welcome improvement, i am pretty sure that a Pull Request will be accepted. If you are no programmer yourself, you might want to hire some freelancer to get the job done. Otherwise you will need to be a bit patient and wait until this has been implemented by other volunteers or contributors.

You can check the currently available events to retrieve E-Mails in your personal Nextcloud settings:


There is a push message if the due date is reached. Maybe it’s an option to use the nextcloud app to get notified?

Please read the issue i linked above. It says

We currently only send out Nextcloud notifications when a due date is reached

Nextcloud notifications will be shown at Desktop and mobile clients but not as an E-Mail. That’s what the linked issue is about.