Email notification not working - NC 12.0.3

I recently setup a new NC Instance using the latest stable version. I configured Email correctly as I got the test email. However if there is a new file or folder uploaded nobody gets notified although configured for each user in the activity app. Are there any log files I can check or is this broken? Thanks, Christian

push. Nobody else experiencing this? Mail is configured as SMTP.

Are your files shared through a group or individually ?
If through a group, it might be the same problem as Email notification for sharing


Check if a cronjob executes cron.php at regular intervals and if the correct version of php is being called.

Files are shared via groups and individual users.

I had AJAX as default but now switched to Cron and created the according crontab entry to call cron.php every 15 minutes.

I will report back if that made any change. Thanks!

Hi, was there any success?