Email notification not sent

Hi all,
In th forum I read that is the user to configure what notification he receives.
I make the test between the admin who mahes a share for me.

In my profil I cross all the notifications.
In Admin, I test that NC can send an Email --> OK
All the users are known in a LDAP Directory with their EMAIL and NC see all the users correctly.
I make a share in admin file for me (remember NC know my user and my Email via LDAP), after the share, I wait a notification by mail but this notification never arrived.

When I make a public share for an external user, it is instantanetly but with my local LDAP user there is no notification by mail.

Any help please, it is the unique point i saw that bloc the nextcloud validation by my hierarchicall boss.

In the user configuration you can define the interval at which emails/notifications should be sent. This can be hourly, daily or weekly. Have you set this hourly and waited at least for the whole hour to pass?

Internal notifications are not instant, they are done on one of those intervals as per the user configuration.

Yes but no mail since i wrote last message. All options mail and flux are on.
and if i share a file with someone wich is in my LDAP, I want that he receives the mail notification for the instant not 1 hour after.

Why local users can’t received intantly notifications?

Thanks for your help