Email notification for sharing


my config : nc12 + ldap active directory

I have a question about sending email notifications when sharing.

if I share to a group I don’t have a email notifications.
if I share to a user I do have a email notifications.

normal or bug ?


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Hi !
Same problem here. NC 12.0.3, no ldap.
I tried also to use personal circle instead of group, but it doesn’t send e-mail notification either.

Any input on how to produce e-mail notification when sharing with multiple users would be welcome !

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same here…please advise!

I noticed that my settings for notification in Personal -> activity were not correct.
I think they used to be, but I’m not sure.
Is it possible that switching from NC11 to NC12 resulted in a change in this settings ?
Still it’s strange that the setting saying that I should receive a mail when "a file or a directory is shared " applies only to group sharing, and that when it was unselected I was still receiving mails when a file was shared with me only.


To continue on this topic, Do someone know if it is possible to change this settings for all user at once ?
I would prefer to not have to ask them to change it by themselves.

in the administration / activity section
but I think it will work only for new users


I have the same problem as bsi42, when a file/folder is shared to a user, the user receive the email notification but, if I share with a group, the users of that group don’t receive the notification about the file beign shared.

Also I would like to add that, if I enable the activity notification, the users of the group to witch the file is shared receive the activities made to the file via mail.

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Maybe a solution :

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same issue here.
version 24.0.6
Is there a possibility to correct this bug?