Email notification for shared folder


I shared a folder with persons who are not members of my Nextcloud. When there are new documents uploaded, is it possible to get an email notifying the persons with access to the folder?


I think that is not possible because activity is a setting for real users.

But if you do not use a normal share (e-mail) but the app Guests i think the “guest” can use activity to get the messages. Maybe also the default options of the administrator works, too.

For Guests watch this video. Guests is a very cool Nextcloud feature.

Hi, many thanks for this. In the video it says “guest can only download files, not upload”- is that so? That would make no sense for me then beacuase the guests should be able to upload files to the shared folder.


No. You can use edit, upload, download, … like normal public shares.


But now i think you do not get upload information. I think there is no such function at all. But issues from the last years.

alright, thanks anyway :+1:

Please see this request for which calls for this also Notify on file uploads to public folders · Issue #271 · nextcloud/activity · GitHub