Email notification by folder

I have users request to be able to receive email notifications on specific shared folders instead of global notifications. It would actually be nice to be able to choose which folder gets you email notifications instead of looking for them through the whole activity.

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@Steel_PC Maybe not out of the box. Did you have a look at these nice scripts?

cc @gas85

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Nice scripts Indeed but not what I’m looking for. It could be a nice out of the box feature especially when you have over 100 users and a lot of activity.

Same way it would be great that .tmp and ~ temporary files did not appear in the activity when using webdav.

It looks similar to this request, but not one to one. You can added more info from this post there.

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We’re looking for the same sort of functionality. Global notifications (i.e. notifications of all changed files/folders) is a bit too much info for large environments, and users are likely to miss the important info they require. Being able to define this on a per-folder basis would be absolutely ideal!

Happy to spend some time developing something like this, but I’m curious as to whether the NC core team would be willing to have such a feature as part of the core, or as part of the Files app.

Same issue for us. Users want to be notified only for specific file/folders updates and not for anything anywhere.

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