Email not sent when a new version is available

Hello All,

good evening and hoping everything is going well.

im having a question that hopefully you’ll be able to help.

the scenario is this:
whenever there is a new version of the server the only notification I see is if im logged in to.

I’ve been trying to see if there is an option to have these notifications sent to the admins, but have not found an option.

Can you please suggest?


I don’t know if that is possible like that… You can receive mails from activity notifications. However, you should be able to see notifications on the desktop client as well.

You can create a feature request for this on github. In the mean time, you can either build your own small script which checks for updates or you subscribe to the release or news category in this forum.

afaik @nachoparker has this implemented in his nextcloudpi-software. so why not asking him how he has managed to do this… :wink:

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Maybe this can be also added to the admin activity notifications and not only for “push” notifications.