Email not fit to the browser

remove and download latest version for nextcloud version 14, deleteing tables from database and install mail but still like this.


Good Morning,

you’re providing pretty little of information:

  • Does this problem occur on every email in your mailbox or is it just a rendering problem of your html email’s content? (btw. this would be an argument for text only view in NC Mail)

  • What kind of browser? (any DOM-manipulating addons disabled?)

  • Cross-checked with different browser and/or with empty Web Cache?

fixed when i remove the mail in apps and db and reinstall then it works fine


i notice the same error on my fresh installed mail app.
does your solution mean, i just have to deactivate and remove the app (whole mail folder) under /var/www/html/apps and reinstall it? does this fix that issue?


Just download Mail Apps based on your NC Version
Yes i did remove the Mail Apps folder and also the database table of Mail then go to your NC Apps then download the Mail Apps.


thank you, but how do I remove the database table of Mail? Can I do this within the NC admin panel or do I have to do this in the shell with the mysql client? I have used the mysql shell client a few years ago but I would have to get more familiar with it again to do such tricky things like removing tables…

I, as the developer of that app, would strongly suggest against manually deleting tables from the db. You might end up with an inconsistent migration state.

Why would reinstalling the app help? You’ll get the same database schema and the same code.

I agree 100%, thats the reason why I did not do anything like that until today. I still hope on a logical solution wich I can imagine the reason why this happened. I could imagine that it has to do with CSS? But no idea why it happened.

I tried the nightly build today after removing the old app and deleting the mail directory from /html/apps dir. With the version 0.11.0 it worked immediatly!