"Email link to person" missing

I’m using Nextcloud 11.0.2 stable and I cannot find the “Email link to person” option when sharing a file and neither can I find an option to turn it on.

Has this been withdrawn? Or do I need to install an app to make it work?

If you go to the sharing tab you should see an input text box and a check box (for sharing a link). In the text box however you can enter:

  • usernames,
  • groups,
  • emails

So there you can just enter the email address of the person you want to share the file/ folder with.

Thank you, I’ve got it to work with your help.

I must have been looking at outdated documents where the email box was separate.

That is the way to share a link to people on other nextcloud servers. I would like to email a public link to a file.

What I used to be able to do was share a link by email to any email address. I have that App enabled, but this feature has been absent since I first started using my Nextcloud Box. There was also an Admin setting for enable or disable this feature which no longer exists.

I am back to copying the share link from the Nextcloud web interface and pasting it into an email in my email program.

Am I missing something?