Email drafts do not get deleted after send

Hello all,
Only mention I could find of this in the forum was over two years old and, apparently, had been addressed, however I am still experiencing this and wondered if someone could help or suggest where I could look to get help? :slight_smile:

I am using nextcloud 25 on Ubuntu server 22.04 with PHP8.1/Apache
The latest version of Nextcloud mail and everything about it works apart from the drafts do not ever get deleted after creating a mail. Also, there are many many copies of the draft saved in the drafts box. I’m sure this cannot be expected behaviour?
Any help or (polite) suggestions welcomed. :wink:

Thanks for reading.



Sorry, I can’t help you. But just to say I also have this problem, for few years. So with every NC and mail versions since then.

If you find an answer, share it ! :slight_smile:

it is actively being worked on: Rework draft handling (on IMAP) Β· Issue #4768 Β· nextcloud/mail Β· GitHub

Confirmed also by the lead developer himself: Email drafts problem - #7 by ChristophWurst