Email configuration wizard?

Hello Guys.

Im using nextcloud 13.0.0.

The manual is talking about an email configuration wizard. But where it is? I could not find it :slightly_frowning_face: and google/other sources could not help me.

So I hope you can help me :slight_smile:.

Thank you!

PS: The link to the nextcloud 13 Email configuration


login as admin, click setup-wheel in upper right corner, choose setup and then (left side) additional setup - and there you should find…

but be prepared that “wizard” is kind of misleading. it is - in a way - a wizard but maybe a bit different from what you’d expect. though it would help you setting up your admin-mail correctly

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Thanks for your reply!

But when Im trying to open the additional settings tab I get an error:

Internal Server Error
Please contact your system administrator
More details can be found in system log

Edit: I know, that this tab was working in the past but now its not working anymore

I restarted the server and now its working… wow

but thanks for the help!

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