Email config on pi - A problem occurred while sending the email

Hi all, can’t solve this from other posts. To be specific:

  • pi is on lan, so no domain name. I have self-signed cert to allow https.

  • is sendmail required or can I just relay to remote smtp server?

  • I allowed 25,465, 587 in ufw, ok?

  • rpi ubuntu 23.04.3 with NC 28.0.1

  • I activated loglevel => 2 in config.php, but where is this log saved? /var/log/???

Thank you

You can connect to the IMAP mail account of your mail-provider, if he supports it. Same with SMTP. Use the settings, the provider recommends.

In you firewall you will not need to open additional incoming ports. Port 443 is all you will need.

Depending on OS and Nextcloud version the logfile will be written either to /var/log/nextcloud or in the Nextcloud data folder.

Thanks for the reply, 443 was open from the outset to allow https.

/var/log contains many logs but none appear to capture the failure to send email, and the /nextcloud/data folder doesn’t have logs.

/var/log/apache2 has error.log (nothing useful there) and nextcloud_error.log (blank, 0kb)

FWIW the admin web page for my NC instance has a link to the NC log, but that also lacks info about why email fails