Email can't be sent from admin section

I run NC 12.0.29 on a web hosting service (1und1). I ordered and installed their certificate, to access my site by https://…!

Adding the same account information for smtp as in my - local- NC instance, results always in the error message: Beim Senden der E-Mail ist ein Problem aufgetreten. Bitte überprüfe Deine Einstellungen. (Fehler: Connection could not be established with host [Connection timed out #110])

I do have the exact account information in both instances!
Does anybody has a clue, why the email from the web instance cannot be sent ??

Certificate ???

Any suggestion is highly appreciated!

regards, hitam4450

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Hard to say. Did you try a different smtp host? It could be that they are blocking all outgoing connections via smtp. Perhaps via port 587?