Eine Richtung synchronisieren

I would like to synchronise lokal folders on my desktop into the cloud only, i.e. one direction. I don’t want to sync from cloud to desktop. How is this possible using the Nextcloud Desktop Client and Ubuntu on the lokal machine? Thanks a lot!!

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Simple answer: Not possible.


As @rakekniven said, not possible. But you can of course achieve your goal, by simply not doing anything with this folder “on the other side”. But then I would ask you about the actual purpose for this. And if you’d say backup, I would say that the Nextcloud desktop client is not suitable for doing backups. :wink:


This should be possible. Yes. But it will need adminstrator work on your end.

You should be able to use Workflows with that. Have a folder be observed, and run a script to move files out of it into folders you have unchecked to synchronize with your client.
See the appstore for appropriate apps you can install into your nextcloud server:

You might need to have to add a rescan of said folders on the end of the script. Depending on how you end up moving files out of the folder you want to use for this.

Wouldn’t it be better and easier to use a third party (backup?) software that supports WebDAV as a storage backend then? I mean Nothing against your suggestions, but as long as we don’t know what the actual goal of OP is, any further discussion is pointless. The question was whether oneway sync is possible with the desktop client, and the answer to that is no.

I think many users have not yet understood the sense of a cloud and try to map things with it for which this technology is little or not at all suitable.

Can you write your use case? Maybe then we can better understand your requirement. We can also tell you if Nextcloud is suitable or if there are better solutions.

Yes, sorry I was a bit sarcastic. Also Flow and other tools suggested by @RuudschMaHinda have of course their use cases and you can certainly get creative with them. There is also File Drop - Nextcloud, which is not a synchronisation tool, but can be used in situations, where users only need to upload files…

But as you said, it all comes down to use case and using the right tool for the job. And finally, it’s also about preventing the users from coming back here, in maybe half a year, because they have experienced data loss with their overengineered “Rsync to occ file:scan to Flow to File Actions backup solution”. :wink:

Hi everyone
Thanks a lot for your answers, and yes, the use case would be rather a backup :slight_smile:
I thought it would be possible to configure the client in a way, that he only copies files from lokal into the cloud space. I know better now and will look for a backup solution. A tool like FreeFileSync that works with nextcloud would be nice!

Basically you can use any backup or sync tool that supports WebDAV as a storage backend.

I don’t know FreeFileSync, but if it doesn’t support WebDAV natively, you can try mounting Nextcloud as a network drive on Windows and then use this network drive with FreeFileSync. But make sure to test this out extensively to see if it works reliably.

Other than that I’m not sure… I’m more of a Linux guy so I don’t know many tools for Windows, but you might want to have a look at the following tools, which also work on Windows…

https://rclone.org/ Is command line based, but a WebUI is being developed, which currently is experimental.

https://www.duplicati.com/ is more like a “classic” backup tool than a synchronization tool, and can be managed completely via a WebUI.

If it doesn’t have to be Open Source, maybe https://www.goodsync.com is worth a look.

And I’m sure there are tons of similar tools out there, especially for Windows… Perhaps other forum participants have a few more suggestions and tips…