Editing shared document without signup?

Hello !
Is it possible to allow edition on shared public documents without signup, for guests users for example ?
I use Nextcloud 11 and the latest version of Collabora.

Thanks you !

It would be great if I could share a document via URL and other users can edit them as well. This is offered e.g. by Google Docs and I think it’s a very useful feature.
1.) I’m writing a draft press release amongst multiple companies (e.g. about a cooperation) - I don’t want the people from the other companies to be on “my” nextcloud, but when sharing a collabora document, I’d still like for them to be able to edit, comment, correct, ammend… this document.
2.) I create a list with shopping stuff for vacation with friends. Not all of them are users on my nextcloud (neither do I neccessarily want them to be a user), but they should still be able to ammend the shopping list
3.) I’m the manager of a small sports team, where all players should enter their contact details (phone, e-mail etc.) in a shared document that every other player can look into.

P.S. I just found https://nextcloud.com/blog/nextcloud-12-redefining-file-sync-and-share-with-collaboration-and-communication/ “Real time collaboration” - I’m not sure if that actually does what I’m looking for? It kind of reads like it.