Editing Javascript

Hello Experts;
After installating nextcloud I added the following code to “config.php” in order to be able to edit files:

However after editing javascript files and clearing the browser data, my changes do not apply. When I press F12 in Chrome it is the old code I see.
I woud be very great to know if I have forgotten something, is there anything else to do beside adding the code line in “config.php”?

Thank you and best regards

filesystem_check_changes is something different. For uncompiled javascript try 'debug' => true, to disable caching of javascript or scss. https://github.com/nextcloud/server/#development-setup- are some tips how to setup a dev environment. Please note that most newer frontend code is written in VueJS and needs compiling.

I actually ran in a similar problem as Julianstorm. Could you tell, which compiler Nextcloud uses to make frontend changes happen?

Thx, Chris


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