Editing doc with a nextcloud shared link

When I want to share a doc via a link with nextcloud (with modify right), the doc can’t be modified. It’s opened in read only mode for unconnected persons.

Is there somewhere (nextcloud or onlyoffice) parameters to changed in config files ?
Posted in OO blog : Editing doc with a nextcloud shared link - Docs - ONLYOFFICE

Nextcloud : version 21.04/deb install
Type of installation of the Document Server : last version OnlyOffice document server/deb install
OS: Ubuntu 20.04

Have you really set the sharing link to “Edit” and not only “Read”?
Please post screenshots. Thanks.

and OnlyOffice result

But when I close/log to nextcloud, the shared doc is already in read mode.

Problem solved : parameter to set in nextcloud

Can you post the parameter?

Yes, which one? I have the same issue in Nextcloud 23.0.0.


Did anybody solve this issue, I’ve got the exact same problem on NC 23 and Nextcloud Office … was working before with OnlyOffice if I recall correctly