Edit with Nextcloud Office don't work

i have nc 29 the last version and collabora last version in another server ubuntu.
the configuration seems ok, I can create the .docx files etc. from nextcloud… but if I click on it it downloads the files. If I right-click on the file in Nextcloud and edit with Nextcloud Office, it doesn’t do anything.

In collabora server i added
sudo coolconfig set net.post_allow.host myip

but dont0 work
can you give me some suggestions?
Thank you

hi, any help please?
thanks :pray:

Does an error message appear?

  • access / error log of your webserver
  • nextcloud log (nextcloud.log)
  • console of your browser

Hi @andreasoc

Are those docker or baremetal installations?

Where and how did you add that?


  • Do you have access to the "/etc/coolwsd/coolwsd.xml" file of your document server or is it a containerized (docker) appliance?
  • Did it work before on an older Nextcloud Version?
  • Did you try the builtin-CODE server first and did that work?
  • Can you connect to CODE with a browser under https://yourcoolwsd.bar.baz:$portnumber, it should respond “OK
  • Do you have access to the logfiles of your CODE
  • Do you have access to the admin frontend of your CODE under https://yourcoolwsd.bar.baz:$portnumber/browser/dist/admin/admin.html?user=codeadmin&pass=$secret
  • Did you try it with ‘Allow list for WOPI requests’ = (instead of
  • Did you search the forum, there are excelent HowTo’s?

Much and good luck,