Edit shared calendar?

I shared a Nextcloud calendar with an external link.
It can be integrated into Mac Calendar without problem, and shows correct information. But it looks like it’s impossible for the recipient to actually edit the calendar, add events, or rename them, change the time stamp, etc…
Is this normal? The recipients see them only as read-only?
I’m talking about external users who don’t have a nextcloud account.

Thanks for any clarification


I got the same issue.
We want to organize shared bikes through a calendas and I’d love to use nextcloud.
Being able to enter an event without being logged in would be really helpful though.
Thanks for suggestions.

Can you please follow the issue template first and provide information about your hardware and software environment. This might help answering your question. Additionally it be of interest how you exactly shared the calendar. Are you sharing it as an ics file or as a CalDAV resource?

I am having the same question/need. Currently, the situation seems to be as described by @j-ed: