Edit index.php community appliance

I have installed successfully the pre configured vm of nextcloud community
After installing the vm the index page is

Nextcloud VM - by T&M Hansson IT AB

“Thank you for downloading the pre-configured Nextcloud VM! If you see this page, you have successfully mounted the Nextcloud VM on the computer that will act as host for Nextcloud.
We have set everything up for you and the only thing you have to do now is to login. You can find login details in the middle of this page”.

Now for my question
although the vm was installed successfully and i can enter url https and access nextcloud and everything works fine, the http contain the single index page that i want to either edit or remove

i want to edit it, but can’t locate the php file
i tried several commands and nothing works

to clarify things - the original file is located here

of course i don’t want to change the original file on github but i want to edit it just for my private installation and do it through the console managment with commands

so i tried several commands like those

  • sudo /nano/static/index.php
  • sudo /nano /var/www/nextcloud/static/index.php
  • sudo /nano /var/www/nextcloud/index.php
  • sudo /nano /vm/static/index.php

none of them open the file i want to edit
to clarify things - i upload a picture of the page i want to edit

I’m glad that everything is working nice for you!

Regarding the index page, that one is removed when you activate SSL in the VM, since that page only is visable on port 80, and port 80 is redirected to 443 once SSL is setup with the script included in the VM.

You can find the SSL script in /var/scripts/activate-ssl.sh and you run it with sudo bash.

Good luck!