Edit front login page

Can someone help me about how can i edit manual the front login page?
I want to Disable Right Click CTRL U and Right Click. I have php & html code but i cant find it the fron html front php file.

The HTML code is assembled by Nextcloud depending on the context. I can’t really give you any details.

Overall, however, I would advise against your action. Changes to Nextcloud can lead to problems. The action does nothing for your security. You can only do something for people who are only occasionally interested. The HTML code must of course be available on the client so that it can be executed. There are simple mechanisms such as the browser’s developer mode (F12) to bypass these functions.

In case you are afraid of security holes. The entire source code is readable worldwide. Whether your users read the HTML code or not is of no interest to anyone in the end.

Read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Security_through_obscurity

Can you give reasons for this?


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I’m sorry that you didn’t like my answer. It would be nice to know why you need the customisation for Nextcloud. Of course, free software has the advantage over proprietary software solutions such as Microsoft 365 that you can make certain customisations. But these are often not useful. As a user of your Nextcloud, it would put me off, as any manual changes to the code can lead to errors. Irrespective of problems with the updates, e.g. with regard to integrity checks.