Edit files in OnlyOffice in shared folder

We are working with external users who do not have an account on our Nextcloud installation. Therefore, we are sharing a folder with several files in there. We share this folder with a public link.

Editing files directly in OnlyOffice seams to be not working, is this correct? Is there a way, without creating user accounts, that we don’t need to share individual files for collaborative work?

I test OnlyOffice on a Nextcloud server. And yes it seems that with public link you must use a link to the file and not to a directory. What a pity. But maybe it is a configuration issue.

Set a public link (with edit) to the file not to the directory and share the link.

But with a Collabora it works for directory and files for the Nextcloud test server if you allow edit for the public share.

You can test Collabora at https://nextcloud.com/instant-trial/

Maybe you can use the app Guests (video). But i can not test it for you with Collabora or OnlyOffice. Maybe it also does not work.

Thank you for your reply. I guessed so.