Edit files in Collabra, but no versions are created


When I create an Collabora file and online edit it and after that close the file.

Nextcloud doesn’t create a version file. Also if edit it again it also doesn’t create a new version of it. If I after edit the file offline. The nextcloud does create a new version of the file.

These edites are also not mention in the activities application.

Nextcloud is on version 11.0.2 and I just did an docker pull Collabora command. So both are recent.

Also I created an screencast for this: https://share.piscaer.com/index.php/s/F4BmIyZU5GOWyZU The password is: This_is_the_public_passw0rd

I also created an issue 4172 on github: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/4172

Hi masterpe,

same problem here. Also everything is uptodate. nextcloud is running on ubuntu 16.04 64 bit

Like mentioned in the github ticket https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/4172 pull request https://github.com/nextcloud/richdocuments/pull/27 and https://github.com/nextcloud/richdocuments/pull/33 would fix this issue. Better is to follow these issues.

Thank you for the quick fix!

I use this fix. It’s working good.

Ubuntu 16.04 php7 nextcloud 11.0.2 LibreOffice Online and last version of collabora app.

I used #27 and #33 patches.

This fixes

  • the “versions” in NC.
  • The “revision history” in CODE

This does not fix

  • The issue when I want to view an specific version in CODE.
  • The activities like mentioned by: michag86

Please see the screencast “Activities_and_view_revisions.avi” for both issues. Do I need to create a two new issue for both issues?
Screencast: https://share.piscaer.com/index.php/s/F4BmIyZU5GOWyZU The password is: This_is_the_public_passw0rd

Hi all,
Paches work for versionning.

I have added both patches, and found that in the Versions list it shows ‘Changed by’ with an invalid Avantar (as the 11 min ago), while other edits I done before (outside of NextCloud and then synced) do show stating I made the changes (24 days ago).

Running NC 11.0.3. Anybody know why this would happen?

Yes me to, I saw versionning but in Activity I have just ’ changed by ’ and nobody .
I update in NC 11.0.3 and it is the same.

Before fix Changed by was OK
Who can Help?