Edit,delete,pin features, java api , discord like structure

Are those features there and i somehow miss them otherwise i think it would be a great addition:
-Edit own message
-Pin message
-delete message

Also does Talk has a JAVA API where i could create channels , add users etc using java?

Also is there any scenario to going with discord like structure where all the channels are visible and there are public and private channels as well as your directs chats . I think this way is way more structured compared to how it is now because atm for example if i create a new channel and add group A to that channel .If i add a new user to the group A he won’t be in the channel since the creation of the group chat was before user A was assigned to group A .

Thanks for reading and thank you for offering this great piece of software to all of us.

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Is there any update on this , i would love my organization to use the talk feature but it’s impossible without an edit feature for all users and a delete feature at least for the moderators.

Would love to see also these most critical missing features on Talk. Is it now possible with Nextcloud 22??