Edit chart after creation

I can’t find how to edit a chart after it’s been created. I tried double-clicking and right-clicking just like on LibreOffice but nothing appears here. Is it even possible to edit it?

EDIT: I just found a hidden and weird way to do it : double-click on a feature while holding Ctrl until you see the feature’s bounding box (e.g. legend item) appear for a short fraction of a second. Then double-click again on the feature, this time not holding Ctrl. A popup window should appear with settings for that feature.
Pretty insane if you ask me. Also I still don’t know how to move elements around manually.

Collabora seems to have a problem with lacking very basic features. For example I have yet to figure out any way to drag and drop rows in calc… I don’t see how anyone uses a spreadsheet without doing that.

The more I use it the more it becomes a nightmare. Problem is, it’s the only one I know supporting open document formats editing (Unless I’m missing another app).
OnlyOffice is much more complete and stable but it only works with Microsoft’s formats.

According to their documentation it does support OpenDocument formats.

I’ve been giving some thought to switching or at least trying it out myself due to the limitations in Collabora.

To clarify, I have OnlyOffice too and I can tell you it supports editing OpenDocument formats but 99% of the features and buttons are absent in this mode. You can pretty much just type and erase text and that’s it. The only way to edit a document with all the features is to convert it to the Microsoft equivalent format. But once it’s converted, between this and Collabora, it’s day and night.

That’s interesting because I use Collabora Calc and frankly I feel like I can’t do much beyond type on it there either. As soon as I want to do something as simple as shift rows around I have to open it in LibreOffice. So ultimately/ironically neither of these open source products will do much with OpenDocument formats.

I use CtrlX & CtrlV in Collabora. Not as handy as a drag and drop but does the trick. Of course if you don’t need to keep your spreadsheet online at all times, downloading and editing in LibreOffice is better.

Holy crap the new update is radical!
It basically solves this topic but also has the whole interface revamped, much better cell selection and extend handles (still no drag & drop though), a new side panel with many new features and probably other new things I still have to discover. I recommend trying it out.