Ebook reader app no longer maintained?

I have installed the Reader app.

It results not yet ready for Nextcloud 13.

Looking at the Github repository Yetangitu/owncloud-apps, it seems that both the ebook reader and the https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/files_opds are no longer maintained.
Latest commit is on 9 Apr 2017.

It is a pity, the ebook reader is such a nice app!
Is there anyone that knows the developer?
Is there any possibility to have a new maintainer of the app if necessary?

Somebody forked it and increased the version number:

You could try that one and see if everything works in Nextcloud 13.

Both apps were updated several times in the last weeks.

They are ready for Nextcloud 13 and received several bug fixes.


(Thank you Yetangitu!)