Easy tutorial on how to install nextcloud and also for a collabora server


I need to quickly set up a nextcloud server with collabora.

I am not skilled at it, so before I jump into my 60 day trial at digitalocean I thought to ask who knows better. Since they have droplets and pre-built applications maybe someone have made a how to

I am doing this for a company presentation that needs to have a solution for their content writers and also need to chat while things are being made… also sending photos etc for a small publication

Like I’ve said before my experience is way below average, so maybe you can point me to some kind souls who did a single tutorial that covers both or one for collabora and one for nextcloud and how to connect it ‘for dummies’

If there isn’t anything like it I am willing to pay for help but my funds are not big since this is a preview presentation to a NGO and then if they buy it, then I will make it permanent.


PS: saw the writing of text with comments on the side… and simply LOVED it… this resembles me editorial systems that cost a fortune.

Great job to all of you at NextCloud
and thank you for having a version we can host that is so stable.