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Hey guys, complete noob here; I build Layer 1 Networks not Server Networks :slight_smile:

I’m moving away from DropBox for me and my buddies. We all have home businesses we run and use QuickBooks and DropBox, and it gets expensive. So we bought a machine, its got a 1tb SSD in it and I added a 2TB m.2 drive and a 4 slot PCIE RAID M.2 card with 4- 1TB M.2 drives.

Is there a such thing as a Disk Image with the OS and NextCloud already installed? Like, burn this to a drive, slap it in the machine and start configuring users.

I need an EASY BUTTON. Is there one?

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Hey @Sgoeckner and welcome to the community-forum of NC.

The only thing that comes to my mind is: a VM.
There are 2 providers.
The official one, made by @enoch85
and another VM from the official nextcloud-versum - called Nextcloudpi and being made by @nachoparker (whereas this is a sideproduct of a project aiming initially to bringing NC to a Raspi for dummies) - both have their own advantages and disadvantages… you better read along before deciding.

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That link is not updated frequently…

Better use this:

OK, so it would appear that I buy the file for 40 Euros, burn it to a hard drive and I’ve got a semi operational product. Sounds like an Easy Button…

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