Easily tag photos

When I upload a group of photos, I usually add tags based on the content of these.

This mean that I look at them to tag.
Up to now this works like that:

  1. open the gallery looking for photos with detail “x” (e.g.: with a specific person)
  2. try to remember the photos (!)
  3. switch to file view
  4. scan the list trying to find all the photos you identified at step 1 (!)

these steps are done at least once for each tag.
If there are many photos in the directory I usually repeat the process twice or more

This is boring and time consuming.
A possible solution would be to add the possibility to tag the photos in the gallery (maybe @oparoz has a better idea…).

I added this contribution as I read:


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I agree that it would be nice to have in Gallery.
Please add a feature request in the tracker:

Thank you for your prompt reply, and for your work on the gallery app!

I created:

Adding the link here for reference.


Perfect, thanks!

For information of the casual reader…

Tagging from gallery is still not possible, sadly.

I asked for the possibility to visualize tags from the viewer (the new app for image/photo visualization):

it seems that the feature request was well received.

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