Easier Account Switch

I have multiple Nextloud accounts. To change the account, I have to switch to “more”, “settings”, “accounts” (Mehr, Einstellungen, Zugangsdaten ändern in german localisation) and change it there. Whould be nice if it could be possible from the start screen.

Maybe it could be a solution to make the avatar on top of the “more” screen tappable and change the account here.

Perfect whould be, if the header from the “more” menu could be the default header for all screens.

On home files touch on oOo Nextcloud logo for switch account and soon V. 2.17.1 with improvement for Account from More menu :wink:

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OMG! :grin:


Hi, has this option been removed in the iOS App version 3? Or do I just not find the option? :thinking: