E2E encryption issue, reset key?

new manual install of Nextcloud 13 on ubuntu 16.04, I dont have any data loaded yet. I setup end 2 end encryption. But was having issues deleting and saving files. After uninstalling and reinstalling the android app, and some other troubleshooting. google brought me to a post that said having server side encryption and E2E can cause that and turning off server side would resolve it. So thats what I did and now I can delete files just fine. However Problem now is after reinstalling the android app, the 12 word key i have is not working. I had originally copied and pasted into my lastpass for safekeeping. I cannot seem to find a way to flush that key out of the app and start fresh. Flush storage and cache did nothing. I dont care to recover any data, I just need get a working key for moving forward.

This didnt work, dont try it, it prompts you with a new key but cant save it.

Figured out if i delete username.public.key and username.private.key in Nextcloud/data/appdata_oc20ugjxxn86/end_to_end_encryption/private-keys & public-keys folder then the app prompts me with a new generated key.

Question prompted from pure ignorance on how encryption works, but how secure is having both the privatekey and public key stored on the server?

I am in the same boat as Vince_Russo - does anyone know how to ‘reset’ E2E?

I think… this will be a feature at NC “v0.15” …

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Sorry for the poor support. There should be more in the documenation: