E2E. Can't get it to work. Please help

Nextcloud 15, latest with nginx and php 7.2. Server running flawlessly.

I cannot get E2E to work. Steps to reproduce:

  1. I add the E2E app which is supposed to install the necessary API’s
  2. I’m running latest 2.5.1 Desktop on Windows 10. The Desktop icon turns grey and will not sync at all. It’s like totally dead. If I then uninstall the E2E app, the desktop icon turns green again and syncs fine.

I trust this is not normal behavior. Can someone please help me understand how to get E2E working. I can’t seem to find any good instructions. I understand this forum are volunteers and always appreciate the time you take to help. If anyone reading this can help I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!

Can someone please help me to get E2E working? Thank you.

Do you have any files in the sync folder or just sub-folders inside?