E2e and web interface

I plan to replace tresorit by nextcloud but I am wondering if the web interface of nextcloud allows a remote user to access to encrypted content in the browser like with tresorit?

No it does not. It is not possible to access E2E content for anyone, not even yourself. Also as an FYI, the E2E module is not to consider stable today.

You can check out Cryptomator, which is available on all mobile and desktop devices. It is open source and relied on by many.

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hrm that’s annoying. i was trying to remove the need of using tresorit and still have spme file fully encrypted at client level

right. i was trying to not have another client to handle such data. this makes the ux more complex. Thanks for the link anyway :slight_smile:

Yes that sentiment seems to be shared among a lot of home users. It seems very unlikely to change, given Nextcloud’s quite firm answer that providing it in a browser fundamentally breaks the security model. I would not expect this to be “fixed” (if you can call it that) until that changes, or possibly a 3:rd party app is made by the community

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Found the request for a web app to encrypt/decrypt/access e2e contents @benoitc

Well said @Kebba. Using a well made tool, gpg or Cryptomator, is the price of successfully deploying e2e encryption yourself in 2019. If e2e is important, then deploy a proper solution.

Concerns continue on getting a new Version 2 release out for Nextcloud e2e app. Another issue of note is storing keys on the server. Cheers!