E-Mail for Share over E-Mail looks ugly

Nextcloud 11.01

Hello, when I share content over an E-Mail-Adress, the Body of this E-Mail ins’t really smart.

“Hey there,
5323213-B1321321-4312387707E-hnh7878787shared xyzxyz with you.

My questions: How to edit the text and what Parameter to use to get rid of the ugly number, having a username of the one who shares instead?

I already used the App “Mail Template Editor”, but that didn’t work.

Cheers, Oskar

Be careful when you share by mail, then the Android sync client won’t work anymore.

Thank you for the info, I know, but in Version 1.4.1 this issue was fixed.

Try to edit the following File for the Mail Notification inside your Nextcloud Folder:

The Mail Template Editor works only if you have created an Folder in the Theme Folder. But even if you have the Theme Folder these changes won’t be made to the Mail you send trough the Share Button.

PS: If you update Nextcloud the file will be overwritten. So the best is to create a new Theme with the Files modified how you like.
And if you find a way to change the subject in the Mail please let me know.

Cheers Robin