Duplicate indexing

I noticed that there is 8 duplicated indexes within the SQL database, at least for postgresql. Wasn’t sure where to report besides here… this seems like a oversight. I am running NC 19 on linux.

On oc_appconfig appconfig_appid_key (appid) is covered by oc_appconfig_pkey (appid, configkey)

On oc_collres_accesscache collres_user_coll (user_id, collection_id) is covered by collres_unique_user (user_id, collection_id, resource_type, resource_id)

On oc_credentials credentials_user (user) is covered by oc_credentials_pkey (user, identifier)

On oc_dav_cal_proxy dav_cal_proxy_ioid (owner_id) is covered by dav_cal_proxy_uidx (owner_id, proxy_id, permissions)

On oc_mounts mounts_user_index (user_id) is covered by mounts_user_root_index (user_id, root_id)

On oc_properties property_index (userid) is covered by properties_path_index (userid, propertypath)

On oc_share_external sh_external_user (user) is covered by sh_external_mp (user, mountpoint_hash)

On oc_talk_participants tp_room (room_id) is covered by tp_ident (room_id, user_id, session_id)