Dummy guide with collabore install

Hi Team,

Can anyone assist me with installing collabora for nextcloud. I have followed the following guide and installed nextcloud with nginx but cant get my head around collabora.

Nextcloud is version 15 and centos7. php is php70w
I have nextcloud intergrated with windows 2012R2
Any assistance would be of great help.



Hi @rajbps,

this is a community forum where people mostly try to help each other when they encounter an issue. If you have a specific problem installing Collabora, please provide a description and possibly some logs so someone can try to help on an actionable question.

Now, this said, have you tried installing Collabora? Did you try following the guide in this page? It is recommended to install Collabora as a Docker image and that link is as close as a “For dummies” guide you can find.

A bit of general knowledge on the tooling mentioned in that guide is advised because things not always go the right way, there’s no “fool-proof” installation process.

Hope this can be of any help.