Drop specific files into specific users' folders

I understand that I may need to consult with paid support for a full answer to this question, but I wanted to ask if it’s even possible before I continue down this path.

We’re wanting to use NextCloud for multiple purposes, but among them two main reasons: To store PDF files of weekly/bi-weekly employee pay stubs and W2/other tax files at the end of the year.

I’ve successfully deployed NC with AD integration and have encryption enabled (SSL enabled, certificates, etc…). I’ve written a Powershell script that takes a list of employees and their pay stubs, finds their unique folder name by searching the PSQL database and copies the file(s) to the designated folders on the file system.

I’m only using my own pay stub and account for testing, and predictably I’m unable to see any files copied or created in those folders. I’m unsure which would be most likely to cause this problem: It’s not in the PSQL tables? Because the encryption modules are enabled, this won’t work?

If I can accomplish what I’m trying to do here, I have no problem paying for support to figure it out. I’m 2 days into this project and making the files appear is my only hurdle from completing it.

Thanks in advance!