Drop off folder app - Does one exist?

I’m looking for an app that would let me users create a folder that can be used for people to drop off files, but not let the public view the files. It would be nice if it e-mailed the owner of the folder anytime there is a new file dropped there, also a tick box that would make the fold require a password before they can upload.

Does an app like this exist? Or can this be done in the core install? I looked around and can’t find anything that will allow me to do this.



That is part of core, at least in Nextcloud 10 and up. See the upload only link entry at https://nextcloud.com/blog/why-open-source-rocks/.

Here is how you do it.
1: Create a folder.
2: Share it via link.
3: Check the box on ‘Hide file listing’.
4: Give people the link. They can then upload files without being able to view anything in the folder.

Awesome, thank you. For the life of me I could not figure this out.


Okay, just checked and I am on 10.0.1 stable, and I do not see that option when I share as link. Do I need to enable it somewhere on the admin side?

I have the following check boxes.

Allow editing
Password protect
Set expiration date


You have to check ‘Allow editing’ first. Then the ‘Hide file listing’ option shows.

Ah, okay, that did the trick.

Thank you.