Drop box (not the brand) functionality

Hi everyone !

I’m about to deliver some smart card certificates to replace passwords–it’s now gonna be everything tunneled everywhere, even for Wi-Fi, so so cool–and I was wondering if instead of sending them over email I could just drop them directly on the users’ home folders or something like that, like macOS’ Drop Box folder for each user where if you are not the owner you’re only allowed to write to it. After a decade I finally found an important use case to this. :laughing:

I remember reading somewhere I could provide the initial files for the server–but I didn’t went deep into it nor know if it applies per user. Apart from myself, nobody else is using the server, this is the last chance if something intrusive needs to be done.

Hope you guys can confirm this – thanks!

You can share the certificates with all the users, so they see this as a new share and get this file. You can manage sharing with scripts (e.g. pyocclient).