Driveletter Nextcloud

How can I assign NextCloud to a driveletter?
I tried this in the Explorer:

  • Select This PC
  • From the menu I select Computer
  • from the submenu I select create Networkconnection and again Networkconnection
  • I select a drive letter and click on the link Connect to a website to store documents and pictures.
  • I select Next onto the screen Select a customized networklocation
  • I typed the URL of my NextCloud instance and click Next

Now Windows tell me: “The entered folder is not a valid folder. Please select another folder”.

What is going wrong.

I am using the Dutch Windows, so the translation is not correct…



The Windows Implementation of Webdav is broken. You should rely on 3rd Party Software for this on windows.


Mountainduck works fine for me, but is not free…

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is it really broken? i thought i had heard that it’s not meant to work for sercurity and performance reasons…

it’s broken in terms of not supporting official RFCs…