Dozens of sessions being added by iOS


Apologies if this issue has been noted and solved before.

I get dozens of new sessions per day, seemingly each time my phone pings for CalDAV/CardDAV. The sessions are of the form:
iOS/15.5 (19F77) dataaccessd/1.0
iOS/15.5 (19F77) remindd/1.0

This causes many many active sessions to appear in the security section of my settings. More concerningly though I think it’s driving my MySQL crazy - generating GBs of bin logs every day from oc_authtoken writes. I’ve attached a screenshot of my sessions list, but this is just after I manually cleared the list - there have been hundreds of sessions after a week or so.

Does anybody know what could be causing this, or any info I could provide to try give you some more clues?

My setup is as follows:
NC 24.0.2 on Ubuntu22.04 VPS with Apache2 and MySQL
iOS 15.5 with calendar, reminders and contacts syncing through CalDAV and CardDav respectively

New sessions seem to appear whenever I go into the Calendar/Reminders/Contacts app, and also in the background (when fetch occurs I assume?)

First post, so let me know if I should pose the question in a different format / different place.


Do you use app passwords to connect your device?

I have this way just one session per app-password, and existing sessions are reused.