Downloads stop at 512 MB. Unclear Problem. But Uploads work GREAT?

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Problem solved:

Pointed a reverse proxy at an Apache version of Nextcloud. I think there were some problems using Nginx as the webserver.

Just too add a few more details.

I have a SMB share mounted via external storage plugin at / in Nextcloud. So I think I resolved the SMB errors by creating the missing foldter in /var/www/.cache/SMB an CHOWN to wwwdata.

I’m using NGINX as the webserver. I’ve added all of the possible settings in PHP config and NGINX configs to allow large file transfers that I can find, anywhere :). Not changes. I can upload large files to Nextcloud, but anytime I download, the download stops at 512 MB.

I increased PHP memory limit to 2 GB.

I’m not sure how to check my temp folder size, but df -h doesn’t show any mount locations ~512 MB, and diskpace in all of the expected locations is fine.

This SMB share I use regularly for storing, transferring large files of several GB. It seems to otherwise behave normally.

No idea what the problem is. It seems like there’s a default setting somewhere that I can’t find, that needs to be changed.

I had a similar problem, but without permission errors in log files.

Do you have an reverse nginx proxy in front of your nextcloud server?

If so, you can put parameter “proxy_max_temp_file_size 0;” after your proxy_pass block in the reverse nginx config file. It helped me with download of big files.

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Put an Nginx proxy in front of nextcloud server, reinstalled Nextcloud with an Apache webserver. Everything is working much better.

VERSION=“20.04.4 LTS (Focal Fossa)”
Proxy Reverse Nginx + Apache Nextcloud

sudo apt install libsmbclient-dev
sudo apt install php7.4-smbclient
sudo a2enmod proxy_fcgi setenvif
sudo a2enconf php7.4-fpm
sudo service apache2 restart 


I am running nginx also. I found this page with a fix:

I ran:
sudo apt install php7.4-smbclient
sudo systemctl restart apache2 php7.4-fpm

and it works.

Is this issue still existing?

Yes. This is extremely frustrating. I am running NC 20.0.14 on Bluehost (shared hosting). My users cannot download past 400 - 500 MB. Upload is not a problem. For me nginx is not an option.

Anyone found a fix in version 25?

hey, I have also this issue, downloading stop at 512 MB, could you please explain me how did you solve it with more details? I’m already using Apache web server, but I didn’t get what’s your mean by Pointed a reverse proxy at an Apache version of Nextcloud?

Could you please explain more how did you solve the issue?? do you have any help link for pointing the reverse proxy at an Apache? I have exactly this issue that the download stop at 512 MB, and I’m using Apache webserver.

I am using the docker AIO container now with the latest and have not run into a problem. I don’t remember how I fixed it then. Docker set up took like 30 seconds…

The 512MB limit seemed to be a bug in the php or Apache confs in the version of Ubuntu I was using… Not sure though because my notes on it were vague.

Good luck. If you use official docker, very very simple setup.

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