Downloads keep canceling

Hi everyone, I have been running an own Nextcloud instance for over a year, protected by a reverse proxy SWAG, setup like SpaceInvader one’s channel. Everything has been working great. However, I am sharing a lot of photos and personal videos with family and friends and I often get the feedback that they can’t download things from my Nextcloud. If I were to use my 2gig lan I have no issues with any file. But I’ve noticed it’s on slower internet connections with large files that they have issues.

I have setup php to allow 16GB uploads and 3600 seconds on timeout but that’s all relative to uploading. Is there anything like this I can do for downloads? Hoping to correct this network error.

Have you checked the reverse proxy SWAG for your issue? Maybe you can configure it or test an alternative reverse proxy like nginx. Maybe it is not a Nextcloud problem.

What would I check for though?

Do you know, specifically, what they experience? “Can’t download” is sort of vague. :wink:

The PHP upload limit isn’t applicable for downloads, but there are others that they may be bumping up against. Namely timeouts at the web server level (and proxy) which play a role during long transactions. There should be indications in your web-app (dunno what you’re using here) or web-proxy (NGINX for SWAG) error logs.

How slow are these connections and how large are these files?

So the issue they are having is a network error. It’s like it’s timing out or something. Will download almost all the way and then just lose it. On faster connections this isn’t an issue. When I get home I can check the logs but I’m pretty sure it didn’t say much in the way to help me. Hoping I’m wrong and it says something.