Downloads from too slow

Hello community,
we are facing very very slow downloads when updating apps or nextcloud itself.

For instance, just right now my server tries to download the app spreed (aka Talk) for almost two hours (!!) now. I try to update to NC 20 now for almost 4 hours in total via occ command. Can this really be true in 2020? What shall i do?

Im located in Germany and i have a quite good internet connection from the Telekom.

Nextcloud version: on the way to 20.0.4
Operating system and version: Debian Buster

Best wishes!

Apps are usually downloaded where the apps are build (depending on the developer). For talk, it seems to be github. The peering policy of your provider is well questionable…

From Nextcloud side, the official download of Nextcloud itself and stuff from their servers can lack a bit of bandwidth directly after new versions are released. 5 days ago this wasn’t the case. I just ran a few upgrades (apps/main version) and didn’t see issues…
In doubt, it can be a bit tricky to find out if your provider’s interconnections are saturated or if it is on the other side.