Downloading files blocks UI


Whilst downloading files, this blocks the UI. This isn’t so much an issue when we’re looking at small files that are downloaded in seconds, but when downloading files that take a long time (yesterday I had a file that took ~3 hours to download) this is obviously problematic as I can no longer do anything within Nextcloud.

This isn’t a new issue, nor do I see it as a bug per-se, more wondering if there is any way around this.

I’m currently running:

  • Nextcloud
  • Debian 9
  • nginx/1.10.3 (running behind an Apache 2.4 reverse proxy, but the proxy makes no difference)
  • PHP 7.2.4
  • Redis 3.2.6
  • MariaDB 15.1
  • APCu

I’ve not included any logs with this thread as there’s no errors etc.

Any thoughts or info though, greatly appreciated =)