Downloading a group of contacts not working

Hello all,

Before I submit a bug, I would like to verify if others are seeing this too;
I am trying to download a single contact group.

In my contacts I have a group called Christmascard. (for obvious reasons this time of year :slight_smile: ) If I click the three dots in beside the group name in the left bar, I have the two option “add contact” and “download”. If I press “download”, nothing seems to happen.

Is this a real bug or am I missing something. I am able to download my complete contact list via settings. So at least I can get them to a file on my laptop. But it is a small annoyance.


What version of Contacts do you use? I recently fixed that bug.

Hi Christoph,

Thanks for your reply. Indeed, I noticed after I sent my message that there were some updates pending. And indeed, 4.0.6 seems to solve it. Thanks!

Btw, a bit of topic on this question, but it looks like I can’t remove the last contact from a group.
I took out all contacts, but if I take out the last one, after stepping out of contacts (to an other app) and back to contacts, the contact has the group label again an there is yet again one contact in that group.
I know there is an issue with deleting and renaming groups. But is this part of the same? or something separate?

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I’m not familiar with that part yet. Could you scan Issues · nextcloud/contacts · GitHub for existing reports and open a new bug report otherwise?

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